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Excerpts from a Future Past VINYL

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Image of Excerpts from a Future Past VINYL

Due to the combination of us being on tour and a high order rate, orders can take up to two weeks to process at the moment, instead of the usual one week. We will always notify you when your order is sent. •••

Black heavy vinyl.

Track list:

The Astral Seer (6:45)
Repentance (5:16)
Nebulon's Tower (2:20)
The Golden City of Semyra (6:43)
Star Rider (6:03)
Shadow of the Templar (7:54)
Illusion Sky (7:52)

Digital download of the album is available for purchase here: https://thesignrecords.bandcamp.com/album/h-llas-excerpts-from-a-future-past